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Thank you for your visit and do be sure to stop by for another visit with us… real soon. Well supper was wonderful. I’ve lost track of the number of times I have prepared it BUT it has been a hit every single time! Coming from such a great cook as yourself, I’m honored. Be Blessed!!! It’ll just naturally taste better. Chicken. Thanks for sharing!! I pulled out ground beef from the freeze to use with my 1/2 Jimmy Dean Italian Sausage (had 1/2 a package left over from last night’s spaghetti), with no idea what to make…I’m so glad I stumbled across this recipe! I guess I never thought much about Salisbury steak, I do other things with ground beef, meatloaf, Swedish meatballs, hamburger pie, Italian meatballs, etc., but this is a keeper. My biggest problem was that the patties fell apart whilst cooking – any ideas? It’s most often served with mashed potatoes as well, topped of course with…gravy. Made this last night and it was quick, easy and delicious. ), everyone else loved them. How do you make and keep this? I must admit I’m a bit reluctant to eat the venison meat. I followed your instructions step by step and it turned out to be delightful. I’m probably much older than you, and I have said for years that while a cook may cook certain foods to please someone else, he or she cooks those foods to please himself/herself. Hi Jessica, Greetings to Berlin, all the way from North Carolina. Hi Peta, I’m happy to hear that you tried our Salisbury Steak Recipe, and happy that you enjoyed it. Thank you for the great meal. Love, love, loved it! Thanks for a great recipe. Will certainly make this again and again. Remove the patties from the pan and set aside. OK? It’s good stuff. Some recipes call for things that I don’t even know what are or what they add to the dish. Thanks for this great recipe for Salisbury Steak….I don’t think I browned the onions enuf, but it was still really good! I do hope you’ll try some of our other recipes and let me know how they turn out for you. Hi Will, I’m thankful you found Taste of Southern and tried our Salisbury Steak Recipe. I was very pleased to find it as my usual recipe calls for canned soup and I’d rather use real ingredients and not cans of this and packets of that. I’m very happy to know that you tried the recipe and just as happy to know that it turned out so well for you. almost as good as from scratch. I wish I could upload a picture the gravy was so good and not to thick had such a great taste. Be Blessed!!! I have been looking for a good recipe that’s also simple b/c I have kids and this is the one!!! Footnotes for BANQUET Salisbury Steak Meal, Gravy & Salisbury Steak w/ Mashed Potatoes and Corn in Seasoned Sauce, frozen meal Source: Nutrient data for this listing was provided by USDA SR-21. Be Blessed!!! Looking forward to making your salmon patties tomorrow. I’m sure the addition of mushrooms and onions made it even better. Glad you had a good season with it though and that you’re putting the meat to good use. Just the taste I was looking for. Your recipe is simple, and I don’t have to run all over town looking for ingredients that I may use only one in a blue moon if at all. Thank you. Thank you for this useful website and all of the effort that you are putting into it…great job my friend!! I appreciate you taking the time to share your results with us. I made it and my little boys ate like they were starving. I’ll be looking forward to hearing how it turns out for you. Thank you for leaving your comments and do visit with us again… real soon. I use 2 c. beef broth in place of the water + beef bullion because I don’t keep bullion on hand. -Steve. I’m getting ready to make it for the second time. It was very flavorful this way but a little salty due to my mistake I’m sure. I’ve used this recipe about a hundred times now. Hi Deana, Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Have a great day. I do appreciate your visits and we’ll be looking forward to seeing you again… real soon. I’m thankful you found Taste of Southern and that you were willing to give our recipe a try. Be Blessed!!! Comfort food with a capital C. This recipe is no exception and my family loves it. Definitely staying in the ol’ recipe book! Thank You and God Bless! I’m really glad that you tried the recipe and, that you family enjoyed it that much. So I made it and it turned out FABULOUS! I think they are talking about Wondra flour. Be Blessed!!! Just omit adding the water and granules to the cooked onions and add beef broth instead. Although I am trying to go meatless for awhile I decided to do something different with the remaining ground beef in my freezer. It makes my day. I appreciate your comments and hope that you’ll stop by for another visit with us… real soon. Slice each half into about 1/4 inch slices. The first time I made it, it was a huge hit at my house. Be Blessed!!! Hi Anita, I’m thankful you found Taste of Southern and that you signed up for the Newsletter. Be Blessed!!! Great ground beef! It makes me thankful for you! ★☆ My eldest has texture issues, which makes it hard to find something we can all enjoy. Be Blessed!!! It’s one of the first recipes we posted here on Taste of Southern. -Steve. Even with only a 15 percent fat content, the patties will shrink. Thanks for the recipe. I’m really glad you decided to make it and happy to hear that the family enjoyed it. I even tried packet gravy. It was delicious everyone loved it. So I came across this one & liked that it didn’t have ketchup & other different ingredients. Keeping it in a jar is great. If gravy is desired then add 4 tablespoons of flour to the drippings in the pan; stirring until all the drippings are soaked into the flour. I will most definitely be making this again. Your recipe was easy to follow and tasted super! Be Blessed!!! Think I’ll cut the onion down to 1/2 though and I also added mushrooms. She also would spoon the grease out of the spaghetti sauce as it cooked all day long. I made this today and it was great. I have 5 boys (ages 3-17) and a husband to feed and they all loved your recipe. I’m glad you found our recipe and delighted to know that it turned out well for you. Thanks! I used bread crumbs like mama always used. Outstanding! Be Blessed!!! I will be making this for dinner tonight. I’ll be looking forward to you stopping by for another visit with us… real soon. The smell engulfs our house it smells heavenly, so heavenly the neighbors can smell it haha. Cut the steaks into 1″ chunks and freeze about 20-25 minutes. Ha! I bet the mushrooms and onions added great flavor to the dish. I didn’t put it back in the gravy, served that on the side. You can easily make a dry roux on the stove top using a heavy bottom skillet(cast iron is my choice), or using the microwave to do so. Thank you again. Sadly I think most of the the world thinks we live on burgers and hotdogs :(. I hope it was at least a little bit close to what your mom made, and that it brought back lots of good memories for you. Sadly we’re a year or two behind here in the US, but looking forward to future episodes as soon as they are available. And your instructions for caramelizing the onions were brilliant. Keywords: Salisbury Steak Recipe, made from scratch, homemade, southern recipes, onions and gravy, pan gravy. I finally ran across this Taste of Southern recipe. Found this recipe this afternoon and made it tonight. I can’t wait to peruse some of your other recipes, Steve, and thanks again! Hubby loved it. Tonight, for the first time, we are adding a few sliced mushrooms. I used Google and found your web. Meatballs That’s what I wanted to do with it! Thank you for sharing the Salisbury Steak recipe. Also, the photos you take, showing the preparation, are excellent. Wonderful recipe! Gravy over Salisbury steak (made with chicken, pork & beef), creamy mashed potatoes, sweet corn and cinnamon apple dessert (grill marks added). Thank you for sharing your results and your comment. Related Products. Ba-BAM! You can’t have an 80/15 ground beef lean to fat ratio. I do appreciate you taking the time to share your comments. I did use beef broth instead of granules, but otherwise followed the recipe to a T. I will be making this a lot! Hi Elena, I’m thankful you found the recipe and that you were willing to give it a try. I had another salisbury steak recipe I’ve been making for years, but it just lacked something. My family loves it! This is the best Salisbury steak recipe EVER. Everything turned out fantastic and followed the suggestion of adding mushrooms to the onions. Seriously though, I’m glad you like it and that you continue to use it. Made mashed potatoes and string beans as my sides. Thank you for trying our recipe and be sure to visit with us again real soon. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. Hoping the effect lingers for a few days. Be sure to stop by again… real soon. -Steve, Just finished making and enjoying this! And I cut back salt to 1/2t and it was still perfectly seasoned. This recipe will go into my regular rotation of recipes. 11g sugars. I have made this several times, and my husband just loves it! Great !1 I wanted to make your recipe as it was basic and I had all ingredients vs. going out and buying them, I used sirloin as we like that- I put mushrooms with the onions- still very good- many thanks-Gail, Hi Gail, Thank you for trying our Salisbury Steak Recipe, I’m glad it turned out well for you. Let them cook low and slow, stirring occasionally, until they turn nice and brown in color. I hope I’m understanding your question right as opposed to adding more confusion. I appreciate you telling us to mix things TOGETHER so that we know not to mix things SEPARATELY!! I’m glad we could help. I asked him what kind of meat it was and he replied he did not know but you got a box out of the freezer and put it in the oven. I tasted the sauce and POW! I was so proud. I suppose I might be called “a glutton for punishment” – so what happened? My husband loved it and has already requested to have it again. Thank you so, so, sooo much for all the hard work you do for this website. -Steve, Steve, Not bad for my first time and I truly enjoyed them. But I do know how expensive some of these spices and herbs and “trendy” ingredients are, especially if I never use them again. I also put mushrooms into the recipe when the onions are put in. -Steve. I really like the “pace” of this recipe…cooking those onions long and slow sure made a wonderful flavor for the gravy. Okay? Great recipe! Sounds like you know how to cook that venison without my help if your wife couldn’t tell the difference. Everyone ate every last bite and let me tell you my husband and kids are picky. I’m delighted to know it turned out well for you and that the family enjoyed it. I didn’t alter a thing and it was perfect! Hi Lisa, Congratulations on your new found relationship. Turns out I was doing everything wrong. Hi Steve, My sister & my husband both love salisbury steak. :-)- Personalized health review for Banquet Salisbury Steak Meal: 230 calories, nutrition grade (C), problematic ingredients, and more. I lost the recipe I usually use and yours is very close to it except mine has wine in the gravy and ground mustard in the meat. Add 2 teaspoons of Beef Bouillon Granules. Hi I have cooked this twice this week and my family LOVES it!!! yum yum yum! Mega. Otherwise we have followed the recipe exactly. I’ll be searching your site in search of more good eats. Dennie. Hi Amanda, I’m very thankful you’ve found our site and that you tried the Salisbury Steak Recipe. God bless you! Plus your step by step photo’s were very helpful. I love Southern Cooking as well. WOW!! Add the steaks and cook the first side for 1 minute or until … This is your go to salisbury steak recipe! I did use a little catsup and that was the only alteration to the recipe it is a great recipe and I recommend it to anyone who wants to cook Salisbury steak and gravy. 12 ounces dry wide egg noodles, uncooked (about 6 cups) 1 pkg (27 oz each) frozen Banquet® Family Size Salisbury Steaks and Brown Gravy 1 can (14 oz each) lower … Be Blessed!!! Smile. As a matter of personal preference I use a couple cloves of fresh garlic in place of the garlic powder. Give that 5 year old a big hug for me for liking the steak so much. It’s one of those traditional Southern comfort food items you’ll find on the menu at Mom and Pop style restaurants and diners throughout the South. So happy to have a good, easy made from scratch recipe! We’re cooking up Salisbury Steak with Onions and Gravy. Which is a really big deal. I am going to do the salsbury steak recipe too. Thank you thank you!! Place your sliced onions in the pan, right on top of all those browned bits. In a large bowl, beat eggs. I am looking forward to trying many of the other recipes in your collection. We plan on having this at least once a week!Thank you for sharing this. All I felt like saying to myself was “YES IN UR FACE MS. EMMA”. I’m a true meat and potatoes kind of guy and love this Salisbury Steak. Lol . Be Blessed!!! I had almost given up on trying another Salisbury Steak recipe and this was a home run!!! When you can buy a packaged meal with meat, gravy, mashed potatoes, corn and a brownie, all for one dollar, it’s difficult to not pop one or two in your grocery cart. I took one slice of white sandwich bread, and crumbled it up in my hands really fine. I hope you like the Salisbury Steak Recipe and that you’ll come back and share your results with us. My hubby and 2 year old ate it faster then I could even get it on the table and sit down! I have been making this dish for many years and decided to use your recipe. Most Popular. Thanks for the recipe! Be Blessed!!! I’ve been married over 26 years and every time my husband wanted Salisbury Steak I am ashamed to say I would throw the Banquet brand in the oven. Thanks so much and God bless! I do hope you might try some of our other recipes as well and I’ll look forward to hearing from you again soon. This is a great recipe for people who have never KNOWN this dish, let alone cooked it. You must have either 80/20 or 85/15. I followed the recipe exactly and it tasted wonderful. This is exactly what I was looking for. But after chancing upon your site, I felt the need to try one last time. I do hope you’ll try some of our other recipes as well. They don’t have to cook all the way through; we’re just browning both sides for now, to seal in the juices. As the recipe is written though, it is excellent! I’m glad you were willing to try the recipe and make it your own. Will definitely check out more of your site. Always trying to stretch that dollar, but still buy quality “real food”. I love the idea of mixed pork and beef. But in the case of Salisbury steak, I made the Taste of Southern recipe without any modifications to make it my own. You might even cut back a bit on the amount of broth you use should you try the recipe again. -Steve. Set aside. This was wonderful! I do have a question though, does the fat quantity in the ground beef lend to the tenderness? Hi Steve, Made the Salisbury steak for dinner tonight and it was amazing and easy to make!! If you are going to freeze these then don't freeze them in the gravy. While the patties are cooking, let’s get started on the onions. All that talk about mashed potatoes with gravy and onions has made me want some myself. I will definitely be trying your other dishes… chicken fried steak here I come! I do appreciate your visits, and I hope you’ll stop by for another visit with us… real soon. Today I had some hamburger patties left from grilling on Sunday but fortunately I put Worcester sauce in them anyway. I’m happy that everyone enjoyed it and glad that it turned out well for you. She told me that this recipe is a keeper for sure and I agree! Thank you for sharing your delicious recipe! Be Blessed!!! They are full of flavor and we want to save all of them. He’s been in a good mood since he smelled it cooking. . Fantastic!! This recipe is amazing- my husband is from Arizona and has never eaten Salisbury steak so I decided it was time to introduce him to it! , You’re most welcome Marie. All the other recipes i had used doesn’t even compare to this one! I appreciate your visit and do hope you’ll stop by for another visit with us… real soon. Thank you so much! I appreciate your visits, and hope you’ll stop by again… real soon. I’m sorry you thought it was a bit salty, but at least you gave it a go. Be Blessed!!! -Steve, Steve, Tried this recipe today. Enjoy this savory Salisbury steak, smothered in gravy and served up with hearty sides of creamy mashed potatoes and sweet corn, as well as a cinnamon apple dessert. I have a question, just found your site and I am also looking for a recipe for Tomato Florentine soup. Once again thanks so much for the fantastic and easy recipe!!! Or do you buy it? Thank you for sharing your recipes with us. The only change was I added some mushrooms and white wine to the roux. (Smile), It’s always my pleasure to share the recipes. -Steve. It is fantastic….it makes my mouth water just thinking about it. This was delicious!! So glad this recipe came up on my search! I’m glad you liked it and I hope you will indeed try some of our other recipes. I folded it, mashed it, squashed it, and folded it some more. Hi Pete, Greetings to Woodstock Ontario from North Carolina… again. God Bless! Hi Kathey, Thank you for your compliments on our site and for your question. I learned something useful about meatballs. Yes… love those mashed potatoes and gravy! It’s my pleasure to provide the recipes, and comments like yours just make my day. Alycia, Hi Alycia, Thank you for your comments and compliments on our Salisbury Steak recipe. Thank you also for your visit today. Be Blessed!!! Stir. I’m glad you liked the gravy though. Salisbury Steak Meal with Mashed Potatoes.

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